Ingrid Jones is the quirky, say-it-like-it-is Founder and Managing Director of Mikateko Media, famously known for creating some of South Africa’s most brilliant print publications. The word ‘Mikateko’ directly translates to ‘blessings’, and if you take a peek at Ingrid’s Twitter feed, you will immediately notice that Ingrid is someone who counts her blessings every day.

She continually voices her support for causes that really matter, such as violence against women, child abuse, and extreme poverty. Using social media as her main tool, Ingrid actively creates awareness for non-profit organisations who can make a difference, like the Gates Foundation, and the Shanti Bhavan Children’s Project.

When she isn’t fostering her editing talents in the environment they deserve, she can be found sipping on bubbly, or savouring a distinctive whisky, while nose-deep in a non-fiction novel.

What’s your superpower?

My BS detector. I have a sixth sense for it, and a sixth sense for spotting those most talented at it.

What gets you out of bed in the morning?

The conviction that I am not ready to be a pensioner yet.

Who has your biggest influence been?

My language teachers. They thought I was the best writer in my class, and in my school. It gave me confidence to speak up and speak out, albeit via the written word.

What change would you like to see for womankind in the future?

That we won’t need women’s month or day to acknowledge us as human beings. That the world will see us for who we are. That our vaginas are not war zones, but a sacred space that belongs to us in all its glory.  

What makes you proud to be a South African woman?

Young women who are advocates of change; that we will not be hushed on anything, that we have become fearless; that Kwezi and Krotoa didn’t die for nothing. Their legacies brought us here.

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Photographer: Jonathon Ferreira


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