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It’s all about culture, baby!

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As PR & marketing pros, we all have first-hand experience in the extreme stress that is associated with our industry. While we live for it and we love it; we’ve all spent many a night burning the midnight oil, juggled one million balls simultaneously as our brands launch multiple services and offerings, and tried ever-so-politely to manage the (sometimes) unrealistic expectations of overzealous clients.

While there are plenty of articles that tell us to ‘simply take a step back and breathe’, ‘count to ten in your head’, ‘practice your mantra’, and ‘blah blah blah’ – this isn’t always quite so easy. While we certainly can’t claim to be agony aunts, our advice for dealing with the stress that comes with tight deadlines, multiple brand activities, and even day-to-day agency dynamics is simple: Teamwork makes the dream work.

At Sprout Creative PR, we collaboratively have over 3 decades of PR and marketing experience and we’ve put together a few characteristics that we think makes an EPIC team – take a peek and see if you agree with us.

  1. Lead by example – It’s going to be awkward when you have a family “emergency” and your team members catch you sipping on some bubbly with your mates at the local watering hole.
  1. Deadlines are your friends – Setting measurable timelines ensures that your team know exactly what is happening, and most importantly, when, so that the ‘ummm, sorry but we forgot to put your content plan together’ conversation with your unimpressed client can be avoided.
  1. Spend time in the trenches – No matter how far up the ladder you’ve climbed, we promise that the more time you spend with the team, the more likely you are to continue learning from them, and them from you.
  1. Leave your ’Debbie-Downer’ attitude at the door – We’re all human, so it’s okay for us to be moody from time to time, but your colleague isn’t your husband who left his dirty dishes in the sink, or your girlfriend who clogged the shower drain with hair again (damn it, Cindy!). Basically, don’t’ hate where it ain’t.
  1. Get social – A team that plays together, stays together. Well, we think so anyway. Go on that team hike, do team drinks, take a dance break, high five more. It doesn’t always have to be about ‘work, work, work, work, work’ (thanks Rihanna).

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