Ronell Swartbooi is the Account Director, aka the ‘Brand Warrior’, at Sprout Creative PR. She has a passion for communications, and enjoys networking with like-minded professionals. Africa’s rapid growth in technology fueled her interest in communicating the innovation coming out of Africa.

She is on a mission to be one of Africa’s top communications professionals, and aims to deepen her understanding of emerging markets, financial technology, and all the innovative technologies that advance the growth of lower income groups.

Expanding her knowledge and skills outside of her work is very important to her, and it’s the reason she has been volunteering on the TEDxCapeTown team for the past four years. She recently achieved a postgraduate diploma in Financial Journalism via Rhodes University, as part of the Bloomberg Media Initiative Africa Executive Training programme, facilitated by the Gordon Institute of Business Science (GIBS).

Her passion for the media industry was nurtured long before she entered the bustling field of public relations, when she worked as a youth development worker, managing a youth media and leadership project that partnered with community radio stations in 8 communities across the Western Cape.

What’s your superpower?

I see change as a welcomed challenge. When the boat gets rocked, my gut tells me to focus, and steer. I also have a knack for keeping calm under extreme pressure.  

What gets you out of bed in the morning?

Firstly, I am not a morning person, so getting out of bed is never easy. However, my drive to make my parents proud, and realise the potential they have nurtured is what keeps me going. They have sacrificed so much to provide for my brother and I. Walking in their footsteps keeps me grounded, and focused.  

Who has been your biggest influence?

Without a doubt, both my parents. On a personal and career front, both my folks have challenged me to take personal growth to the next level, and instilled a work ethic and passion, underpinned by integrity.

What change would you like to see for womankind in the future?

That being our feminine selves is not muddled with negative stereotypes, hindering our leadership growth. I am tired of women being shut down when ‘they’ lead with what makes us different.

What makes you proud to be a South African woman?

The conversations I have with my grandmother about my heritage, and the change I see in the faces of young women when they realise they can take on anything.

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Photographer: Jonathan Ferreira


Disclaimer: The opinions and views expressed in this blog post are those of the interviewees, and do not necessarily reflect the opinions of Sprout Creative PR.

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