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How to start vlogging for your small business

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Without a doubt, vlogs are the content of the moment. Latest research reveals that video will account for a whopping 82% of all Internet traffic by 2021 (up from 73% in 2016), and vlogs are forming more and more of this traffic. Additionally, YouTube is now one of the top search engines in the world after Google, which makes it prime real estate for video marketing and a must for an effective digital marketing strategy for our B2B business.

Much like blogging (and podcasting), there’s always room for a unique perspective to be heard through video content, and we think that perspective could be yours! In this post, we’ll explain why vlogging is important for your business and provide recommendations to have you vlogging in no time at all.

So, what even is a vlog, and how can it help your business?


Well, as we’re sure you already know, “vlog” stands for “video blog” and it’s exactly that: content that you could write a blog post on, but instead you share it on camera. There are two main types: 1) the Talking Head, where the camera is on a tripod (or on a stack of books — it really all depends on the equipment budget!), and 2) the Follow-me-Around, in which the vlogger (that’s you), films clips as they go about their busy day or week.

Vlogging has gained popularity because it’s cost-effective in both driving visibility and increasing online engagement with a targeted audience. Engaging vlogs can benefit you in the following ways.

  • Humanise your brand,
  • Establish you as an expert,
  • Act as an additional sales tool,
  • Help you reach a wider audience, and
  • So much more!

Follow these handy tips to get started quickly (and cost-effectively)

Vlogging camera

Use the equipment at your disposal

Don’t worry too much about having top notch equipment. If you have a smartphone (or even a tablet), you don’t need to buy any equipment to complement it. Of course, better quality audio and video will make you appear more professional, but even the most beautifully shot vlog will have audiences dropping off if the content isn’t interesting.

Create a loose outline of the day’s events

While vlogs are supposed to appear spontaneous, the truth is that a lot of thought must go into them before shooting. If you create an outline of what you plan on recording throughout the day, you’ll at least have a rough idea of how the vlog will be structured. Having an outline doesn’t mean that you need to stick to it. If you encounter something more interesting in your day, adapt to it.

(But, if you don’t have the time) document, don’t create

Simply share your day’s experiences and thoughts with your audience. Let them know what’s inspiring or frustrating you. You’ll be creating content without all the pressure, and by being yourself, your content will automatically be relatable.

Consider your background

When you’re not vlogging in public, you should have a setting that you can always use. This setting will end up being as much of a character in your vlogs as you are, so make sure that you like it before implementing it.

Vary your content within the vlog

Simply talking for 15 minutes straight isn’t likely to captivate an audience, so try showing a handful of different styles in your video. For example, you might start with a time-lapse, lead into a walking and talking piece, transition into a montage, and then end with a sitting-down “conversation” with the camera. Another way that you can vary content is by speeding up certain sections of the videos, or by applying other eye-grabbing effects during editing.

Find a unique piece of your day to focus on

If your routine is anything like most people’s, most of your activity ends up blurring together by the end of the day. It’s okay to take snippets of this activity and integrate those snippets throughout the vlog, but your vlog’s focus should be the part that stands out. Naturally, the “unique” piece of your day will vary from day to day.

Keep an eye on your light levels

Especially if you’re shooting outside, make sure that you always have light behind the camera. If you must go into a dark area (or film at night), you’ll need to provide your own lighting in the form of a lamp, flashlight, or similar item.

Be yourself!

The quickest way to feel natural in front of the camera is by behaving like yourself. Remember, even though you’re representing your business, you’re the star by default.

Remember your call-to-action

Call-to-actions can be a great way to drive audiences to our website, social media pages, etc. There are various types (lead generation, drive to website, etc.), each with a different objective. Spend some time crafting to boost your entire online presence.

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