Tamlyn van Heerden is a data broker and public relations strategist, who works on the Sprout Creative PR team as a consultant. She’s known for lighting up any room she walks into, with a smile and laugh that are as equally infectious. Although originally from the Eastern Cape, Tamlyn has lived in Cape Town for several years, and is currently spending a lot of her time in Johannesburg, expanding her skills set and professional network.

She is a proud member of the board for KaMatla, a non-profit organisation, which aims to aid in the development of the arts in underprivileged communities, and to develop the legacy of storytelling amongst the youth. Tamlyn has strong experience in brand strategy, distribution, marketing management, SEO, talent management, and development strategy.

What gets you out of bed in the morning?

Mostly my alarm. I’m not really a morning person, but will stay up ‘til crazy late working on different projects. Last night (or this morning), it was coding and adding content to an app I am working on.

What’s your single biggest goal for the year ahead?

I would say my single biggest goal for this year is to see KaMatla NPO grow in strides towards building a legacy of storytelling in youth. Be that through the NPO’s #booksforblackgirlsmovement, or via the online fairytale for WOC, ‘The Girl Without a Sound’ and ‘Shakespeare Grounded’ workshops, which we intend to launch in November. These workshops will teach kids Shakespeare in school, in an effort to improve the outcomes of their Matric English exams.

What advice would you give to your 10-year old self?

Nothing. I truly have so much self-love. I live by ‘consequence is no coincidence’, a line in one of my favourite Lauryn Hill songs.  I think every mistake or failure in my life has been more important than any achievement. These have been such valuable lessons, which have generally led towards bigger things or took me off a path that I wasn’t supposed to walk.

Are there any women you would like to give a shout out to?

So many! I have learned so much from the incredible women I have worked for and with. The women in my family! Wow! My amazing friends, who inspire me every day, and are crazy enough to chase their dreams. Each week, I’m celebrating another friend’s achievements. This week I am really proud of Cyndi Levendale and Laura Hercules, who I have seen working crazy hours, making so many sacrifices, and are now ready to launch their new e-commerce site, Listid!

What makes you proud to be a South African woman?

Our resilience and how united we have become on issues women face every day. It’s been years since I have been around any cattiness that women are stereotyped for.  All the women I am surrounded by consciously pave the way for others and are hungry to achieve their goals, and carve a space for themselves in this world that isn’t made for us. It’s very exciting, the future really is female.

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Photographer: Noxolo Mafu


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