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The city that never sleeps

By October 16, 2016 No Comments

“These streets will make you feel brand new, big lights will inspire you…” – Ms Keys had it right when she wrote these words to describe the pure excitement that New York City exudes.

It never stops, never ceases to move. Something is always happening – the people are 24/7, the buzz is 24/7, everything just keeps on going.


We were fortunate enough to visit this incredible place just a few weeks ago and coming back down to reality is still a daily struggle. Manhattan leaves you in awe. Words cannot describe it. It truly is something to behold, whether it’s the beauty of Central Park or the raw vibrancy of the Subway; this city has it all.

Brenda Ueland once said, “Inspiration comes to us slowly and quietly… prime it with a little solitude”.  This is most certainly not the case when it came to being in NYC. We were engulfed in a blanket of inspiration from the moment we stepped out of the station at Columbus Circle. Blinded by the opulence of the many skyscrapers, we knew it was going to be one exciting ride.


Every corner we turned was a new and exhilarating experience. From the tourist-orientated entrepreneurs trying to sell us a bike ride for $3/minute, to the everyday person just going about their day, it was thrilling to see how New Yorkers live.

Being first time visitors to the city, we had a mile long sightseeing list. One of the biggest challenges was prioritising what we were going to do and see. If we play back the memories, it feels like a movie montage set in high speed as we did and saw so much!

A clear favourite – quite possibly the best thing we did – was take a trip up to the top of The Rock. Being flung up 68 floors to the precipice of the Rockefeller Centre was an experience that left us breathless. It was difficult to ignore the sheer magnitude of the city and we couldn’t help but take a few moments to sit in silence and just reflect. Watching the sun dip below the city skyline followed by all the lights illuminating the buildings was just so friggin’ cool!


After Friday night sundowners at a members-only Soho club, dinners at trendy restaurants in the Meat Packing district, morning walks along the High Line, strolls through the Chelsea market, grabbing hot dogs from street vendors, drinking ice cold beer at Yankee Stadium, and exploring the boardwalk of Coney Island, it’s safe to say we got a pretty good dose of New York culture.

As the time came to hop on the subway one last time to make our way to JFK International Airport, we were left feeling exhilarated and fulfilled. This iconic city had awoken a new zest for life. Inspiration is in overflow and we cannot wait to use it and dive head first into all of our new and exciting Sprouting adventures.





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