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I'm a seasoned PR & comms pro. In my 13-year long career I've amassed a wealth of experience in crafting stories (and strategies) that were used to garner coverage, share visions of the future, and to champion innovation, for brands including Standard Bank, Singita, SABC, Momentum, The Michael & Susan Dell Foundation, Pepsi Co, and adidas, to name just a few.

A unique combination of communications, big brand experience, and entrepreneurship has helped me unlock key skills, my most valued of which is how to inspire the imagination and marry stories with strategy. I believe businesses can use strong storytelling to their advantage when looking to build awareness, connect with their audiences, and boost anything from buy-in to sales.

Over the last couple of years, I've pivoted Sprout from having fulltime team members to onboarding freelancers and consultants, giving the business the flexibility to expand and contract its capacity based on the project needs at any given time. This approach has afforded me the opportunity to work with (and more importantly, learn from) an array of talent in everything from design and tech, to strategy and client service. It's also given me the freedom to be absorbed into other agency teams, most recently as a strategist and project manager on account pitches.


Here are few other things you might like to know about me:

  • I’m married to a copywriter, so my little home is always buzzing with creative ideas,

  • In another life I’d be a showrunner – I absolutely love all things television,

  • My lovely (Gen Z) sister and I have combined our talents to start an online bakery, launching in early 2023, and

  • I’m (massively) inspired by the women around me, each adding a unique texture to the tapestry of my life.

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Say hello to the real MVP

Andiswa Sithole - Personal / Executive Assistant

A qualified chef, self-taught designer (graphic and 3D modelling) and budding entrepreneur, Andiswa is a great mix of imaginative, gutsy and hardworking. Over the last four years she has not only been an integral part of the day-to-day administrative processes within Sprout, but has also played a hands-on role in supporting client projects — doing everything from social media content development, to project and event management.

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