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Building the first banking platform for Africa’s creator economy.






Consulting Head of PR & Communications (2021 - 2022)

My passion for Africa’s youth and their role in the continent’s sustainable development was my main motivation for joining Bettr.App, as both (Consulting) Head of PR & Communications and a shareholder. It's no secret that the future economy is being shaped by the career aspirations of Gen Z, who are bringing a new perspective to ideas of wealth, well-being, and the workforce. Where traditional employment is increasingly undesirable to them, the creator economy provides a welcomed alternative – the flexibility to live and work anywhere in the world with complete control of their daily lives. And with advances in consumer tech, the world's adoption of remote working, and the democratising nature of the Internet, those ambitions are totally achievable. It's a resurgence of self-employment, entrepreneurship, and work-life balance (and creativity). Naturally, diving into this space was a no-brainer! 


That's me being interviewed by YFM's Lula Odiba ffrom the Bettr experience at Cotton Fest ‘22

My role was manifold, allowing me to get involved in various facets of business — from driving the startup’s PR & communications strategy and assisting with the formulation of its go-to-market strategy, to establishing its story and narrative, creating stories around its various verticals, and even being part of the development of its marketing systems and processes.

I also conceptualised, produced and co-hosted Bettr's pre-launch Twitter Spaces series, worked closely with the communication teams of strategic partners Access Bank and Visa Africa, and helped launch the Bettr brand at Cotton Fest ‘22.

Research was a core component of my job. To understand the intricacies of the African creator economy landscape, I (regularly) engaged with creators, the platforms they’re native to, the brands partnering with them, and other startups who are building the tech, tools, and resources to enable creation. 



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