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Led PR for the no-frills, non-banking fintech for marginalised communities.






PR Consultant (2021 - 2022)

A brand which champions financial inclusion for economically active yet marginalised communities, BlackPay is the brainchild of Black Space Group, a property and fintech investment boutique led by entrepreneur, Nkonzo Mbetha, and Mayonie Group, a music, entertainment and investment company with social entrepreneur and artist, Zakhele Madida aka Zakes Bantwini, at its helm. 

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 Some of the coverage secured for BlackPay in Ventureburn, Tech Financials and Disrupt Africa 

While the BlackPay team works to scale the business, I’ve been brought in (on a project basis) to establish the brand’s narrative, develop its press materials, and lead campaigns around key announcements, including its R250 million partnership with Ithala Bank, as well as the launch of Monate Finance, the fintech’s product suite tailored for traditionally black festivities. This in an effort to attract both customers and the right investment to help BlackPay grow. 



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