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Was part of the PR arm of Singita’s 100-year vision. 




Luxury Travel, Conservation


Group PR & Communications Coordinator

(2015 - 2016)

Travel brands are recognised less for the products and services they deliver, and more for the experiences they provide. Whether for a destination, airline, or hotel, connecting with travellers requires artful storytelling that brings each experience to life. At Singita, we used a combination of valuable media contacts, a strong social media strategy, hyper-focused messaging that resonated with the markets we were looking to attract, influencer marketing, and events, to tell the story of a brand that’s determined to preserve and protect large areas of the African wilderness for future generations, the communities it’s actively assisting to progress (both economically and socially), and how together they are working to build sustainable environments that people and wildlife alike can benefit from. More importantly, key to this story, was the role each potential guest can play in this purpose while simultaneously enjoying the sanctuary and restorative nature of the Singita experience. 

Singita collage


Top left: Some of the titles in which Singita was featured in 2016.

Bottom left: Hosting a media trip to Singita Pamushana with journos Jeanne Botes, Jane Broughton and Greg Cox.

Right: Hosting international influencers Hermione Underwood, Brooke Saward and Brooke Testoni at Singita Serengeti.

I gained such worthwhile experience in this role, getting to flex my storytelling skills across various channels, maintain relationships with top journos, work closely with PR and marketing teams from Imagine Travels (New York), Perowne International (London), Uschi Liebl PR (Munich) and Studio Red (Dar es Salaam), coordinate photo shoots and film projects, collaborate with gurus in the design (Cécile & Boyd) , food (Liam Tomlin) and trends (Li Edelkoort) spaces, and best of all, go on great adventures across our beautiful continent with top influencers and journos like Hermione Underwood, Brooke Saward, Jane Broughton, and more.



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