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Developed a merger branding strategy that leveraged the common purpose and vision that brought two brands together.




Innovation Management,

Management Consulting


Consulting Head of Marketing (2017 - 2021)

While it’s easy to get caught up in the numbers and financials of a merger or acquisition, the truth is that there’s more to a successful M&A process than combining balance sheets. In 2019, when our client, Switch Innovation, a dynamic startup with a track record in helping organisations create new businesses, design new products, and drive new ways of work, merged with 30-year old Futureworld, which specialised in helping companies understand the future in order to thrive in an exponential world, as a marketing team, we didn’t want to treat branding as an afterthought because, as the saying goes, companies that brand together, stand together.

FW Rebrand.jpg


Original Futureworld and Switch Innoation logos

With a leadership team eager to retain their respective company legacies, fusion branding was our best strategic option visually, but from a naming perspective, we backed the better-known brand. Said leadership team was even more anxious to make their merger news public, so we utilised the power of Design Thinking to quickly and efficiently gather the research we needed. With our customer feedback centred around the two businesses having similar purposes and visions, we were able to fuse logos and imagery, make the case for an end-to-end service offering (from exploring the forces shaping the future, to actually designing and building the businesses and products that’ll thrive in tomorrow’s world) in our messaging, and tell the story of two companies coming together to future-proof themselves, essentially being the first “buyers” of their own offering.  


Designer: The talented Lilian van Zyl, Think Visually



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